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Student Chapter Events

IPRS Student Chapter Members were invited to visit the Supreme Court. The students were encouraged to share their thoughts on the overall communications of the Courts in their traditional, digital and social media platforms, and community engagement.

Member's Spotlight

IPRS helding its Annual Student Chapter Gathering on Thursday, 29th February 2024. This was a time for student members from all our chapters to meet, present their events and various projects for the year and network.

Special thanks to IBM Singapore for hosting.

Participants were given a primer on the Judiciary's views on PR and Communications and the role of the courts in today's society.

Patrick Nathan (Chief Communications Officer, Communications and Service Excellence Division, SG Courts) shared about the communications work of the Judiciary across four broad areas: overall branding and positioning; public communications; internal communications...

Member's Spotlight

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Saturday Mornings host Glenn van Zutphen and co-host, award-winning author Neil Humphreys welcome Jacob Puthenparambil, Founder and CEO, Redhill Global Communications Agency about the growth of his firm over the past nine years, the state of public relations in Singapore, and how industry players can improve and be more useful to their clients.

Student Chapter Events

Climate change, sustainability and ESG have been buzzwords in social media and the news recently. What is the link between the three terms?

ESG or Environmental, Social and Governance is the new business and financial framework for all businesses with the objective of ensuring that companies abide by a set of standards that companies safeguards the environment in light of the climate changes...

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The IPRS was excited to partner with CARMA Asia to debunk myths in PR, dispel half-truths and create the future of value. An interactive in-person conversation with our industry experts held on 30th May 2023 at the Oasia Downtown.

Member's Spotlight

The IPRS Learning Luncheon explored corporate purpose, alongside mission, vision and values, as the cornerstone of any organisation's communication and what it means for communication professionals.

IPRS Partner Events

This year, IPRS is happy to be an official mentorship partner of Advisory Singapore (, a fully youth-led non-profit dedicated to empowering young Singaporeans from all walks of life to make informed career and further education choices.

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