IPRS X CARMA Asia: Rewriting The Rules of PR Measurement

Our thanks to CARMA ASIA, Andrew Nicholls for this collaboration and to our IPRS members Chek Yee Foo, Lien Xiuwen and IPRS PRISM Award Winner Jian Yang for sharing their insights into the current experiences of PR valuation in their various roles.

The consensus is that current use of Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) falls short in the ability to capture sentiments, value shifts and outcomes achieved by the work of PR professionals. The measurement market is evolving with more sophistication in the monitoring and reporting of media activity across mediums. 

To quote Haikel Fahim, Head of South East Asia at Telum Media, and IPRS Council Member ~ "This was a really good discussion by the panel. Putting a number to the value of PR has been a constant challenge for practitioners. My key takeaway is that we really have to keep educating and advocating our internal stakeholders about PR, in general. With that, they would hopefully appreciate and understand its value. PR is not to be an afterthought, it is an essential pillar of a business of any nature."

Industry professionals also took part in a 5-question survey on the current state of PR measurement in Singapore.

++ Which sentences on PR valuation have you found yourself saying before?

++ Which challenges are you facing?

++ What measurement practices are you currently using in your role?

The full results will be shared in due course.

The IPRS Secretariat