About IPRS

IPRS, established in 1970 as a non-profit organisation, is the only accrediting body for Public Relations (PR) practitioners in Singapore. The Institute’s objective is to establish growth for Singapore’s PR industry through knowledge acquisitions, networking, and exchanging of new ideas. The Institute strives to be the leading regional PR organisation to elevate the profession, set industry standards and increase public recognition of this profession.

Our focus is on providing a solid foundation of conceptual knowledge and ground expertise for PR practitioners who wish to upgrade their skills, and for those aspiring to join the communications industry. The Institute promotes excellence in the industry through education, tailored programmes and courses that are aligned with the many changes and developments in the practice of PR and Communications.

The Institute has a growing membership base that consists of professionals from a variety of backgrounds – PR, journalism, advertising, marketing, education and management. We welcome members from diverse backgrounds, a factor that has contributed to the Institute’s strength and dynamism.

Recognising the importance of nurturing the next generation of communications practitioners, the IPRS established Student Chapters with tertiary institutions to create opportunities for students and practitioner members to share expertise and experiences. We now have nine Student Chapters each with their own Advisor, elected President and Executive Committee.

The IPRS introduced the PRISM Awards (Public Relations In the Service of Mankind) in 1987 to recognise and reward excellence in PR and Communications in Singapore and the region. The PRISM Awards are presented biennially to encourage creativity and originality and to promote the best practices of PR and Communications in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Mission and Vision

Advancing Excellence in PR


  • To represent PR and Communication professionals and the
    profession in Singapore.
  • To recognize and promote the best in PR in Singapore and the
  • To be the accrediting body for PR professionals in Singapore.


To be the leading PR and Communication organisation in the region.

The Institute has a growing membership base of active members and industry collaborators who are professionals from diverse business backgrounds, thus contributing to its strength and dynamism.