Accreditation Board Members

The Accreditation Board is made up of experienced professionals and academics in the field of Public Relations and Mass Communication.

The Accreditation Board will hold office for a period of two years. Members of the Accreditation Board are nominated by senior Public Relations professionals and selected by the IPRS Council. Each board member has a minimum of 12 to 15 years of experience in their respective fields, and has a breath of PR knowledge, both theoretical and practical.

IPRS Accreditation Board 2020/2022

Mr Mike Liew


Ms Bhavani Krishnasamy

Managing Director

Ms Selvi R

IPRS Council AB Committee Chair
Communications Leader

Ms Dawn Low

Board Member
Executive Vice-President, SMRT International

Ms Lina Poa

Board Member
Head, Corporate Communications & Investor Relations

Ms Linda Lim

Board Member
Business Communications Director, Asia Pacific Leader GLAD

Ms Kathy O’Brien

Board Member
Managing Director

Mr Stephen Forshaw

Board Member
Chief Representative, Australia & New Zealand

Mr Ross Gan

Board Member
Head, Public Relations

Mr Gerry Francis De Silva

Board Member
Head, Group Corporate Affairs

Mr Nisar Keshvani

Board Member
Senior Associate Director (Strategic Communications)

Mr Robert Conceicao

Board Member

Mr James Brasher

Board Member
Managing Partner