Interview Tips

How to ace that interview?

The stakes are high for PR practitioners as you are expected to conduct yourselves at the highest level of performance in both verbal and non-verbal communications. Here are some essentials from preparation to presentation.

The Start

  • An authentic resume that you know by heart
  • Do your homework and know your hirer
  • Dress smart and to suit (respect) the audience you are seeing

The Meet (virtual or in-person)

  • Good eye contact at all times
  • Say only what you know
  • Speak clearly
  • Ask good questions
  • Ask for only water (if offered a drink)

The Exit

  • Thank the interviewers and email them after
  • Walk confidently as you turn to exit
  • Smile as you click "Leave Meeting"
  • Clear the premises (virtual room) before your relax

Regardless of outcome, every interviewer you meet is a contact.