The IPRS Holds Its 53rd AGM And Election of Council 2023/2025

IPRS Secretariat

The Institute of Public Relations Singapore Holds Its 53rd AGM And Election of Council 2023/2025

24 March 2023 The Institute of Public Relations and Communication (IPRS), is pleased to announce the formation of a new Council that will lead the Institute over the next two years - April 2023 to March 2025.

Ms Koh Juat Muay continues as President of the IPRS Council. As President of the IPRS Council, and will be responsible for the role of IPRS as Singapore’s industry champion and accreditation body for practitioners. She joins a stellar slate of Council Members with deep and diverse experience to support and further a robust, knowledge-driven PR and communications industry in Singapore and the region.

Newly-elected IPRS Council Members (2023 - 2025)      

President - Koh Juat Muay, Chief, Nano-E

Vice-President - Vanessa Wan, Executive Director, Communications, Asia Pacific, GE

Hon. Secretary - Cindy Lim, Head of Marketing Communications, Singapore Symphony Group

Hon. Treasurer – Selvi R, IBM APAC Brand, Communications and Social Leader

Council Member – Tan Siew Kim, Director School of Business, Temasek Polytechnic

Council Member - Elaine Chan, Director of Marketing Communications & Sustainability, PARKROYAL COLLECTION, Marina Bay, Singapore

Council Member -Jini Pillai, Head of Media Relations, Asia, AON

Council Member - Malminderjit Singh, Managing Director, Singapore, Penta Group

Council Member - Haikal Fahim, Head Southeast Asia, Telum Media

Council Member - Marcus Ong, Senior Executive, Strategic Communications & Media Operations at Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment, Singapore

The Institute thanks all outgoing Council Members for their dedicated service and support for the term 2021/2023:

Outgoing IPRS Council Members (2023/25)

Vice-President - Ling Wei Ming, Head of Content Development, Voodoo Communications.

Hon. Secretary - Juliet Samraj, Marketing Manager, Jet Aviation

Council Member - Susie Wee, Program Executive, The Salvation Army Gracehaven Children Home

Council Member - Lim Yin Fern, Director, Communications, Image Mission

Council Member (Co-opted) - Dawn Low, Cluster Director, IMDA

Council Member (Co-opted) - Alison Gwee, APAC Marketing Communications Manager, Bruker

Koh Juat Muay – IPRS President; Chief Nano E

“The PR practitioner today is a digital savvy knowledge worker who is also a trusted counsel, well-versed in geopolitics, cultural diversity, social inclusion and climate change. 

Looking ahead, the IPRS will continue to champion the PR profession by building a strong community of practice through outreach, training and importantly with our Members. Up next will be our IPRS PRISM Awards 2023!

Vanessa Wan - IPRS Vice President; Executive Director Communications, Asia Pacific

"I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve the IPRS. I would like to express my deepest appreciation to the outgoing Council for the great teamwork, contributions and friendship over the past two years. Together, we began the journey of transformation of the IPRS, and have steadied the ship for the new Council to take over. There is more that we can do to ensure the success and long-term sustainability of the Institute, and I am looking forward to working with the new Council towards this. As always, it is for our greater purpose of public relations in the service of mankind."

Cindy Lin - IPRS Hon Secretary; Head of Marketing Communications, Singapore Symphony Group

“I am delighted to continue as Council Member under Juat Muay’s leadership. We have achieved so much in the last two years despite the challenges – from digital transformation to the inaugural PRISM Summit – and I am excited to work alongside the new Council to serve the wider PR community.”

Selvi R - IPRS Hon. Treasurer;  IBM APAC Brand, Communications and Social Leader

"It is a privilege and honour to serve the IPRS the second time around. With so much volatility around us, there is never a dull moment for PR/Communications professionals. As part of the IPRS, and together with the community of practitioners, there is an opportunity to bring greater awareness to the critical role of PR/Communications practitioners play."

Tan Siew Kim - IPRS Council Member; Director School of Business, Temasek Polytechnic

"Having initiated the first IPRS Student Chapter at Temasek Polytechnic, I am excited to be part of the Council to continue inspiring young minds and mentoring aspiring PR practitioners. I look forward to contributing to the Council and working closely with fellow council members to grow and develop the PR profession in Singapore."

Elaine Chan - IPRS Council Member; Director of Marketing Communications & Sustainability, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore

"I am very happy to be given the opportunity to serve the PR community, and I look forward to joining our fellow Council Members as we work together to bring IPRS to greater heights."

Malminderjit Singh - IPRS Council Member; Managing Director, Singapore, Penta Group 

I" am very honoured and extremely grateful to be selected by my industry peers to represent their interests through the IPRS Council. I look forward to working with the team to help elevate the public relations industry in Singapore, in part by placing PR professional front and centre of this upward trajectory."

Marcus Ong - IPRS Council Member; Senior Executive, Strategic Communications & Media Operations at Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment, Singapore

"It is a humbling opportunity afforded to me. I hope to serve as a voice for my generation, and I look forward to bringing a fresh perspective that can lead to many more positive changes."

Jini Pillai - IPRS Council Member; Head of Media Relations, Asia, AON

"I am thrilled to be a part of the IPRS as a council member. As part of the council, I hope to raise awareness and have much needed discussions both within and outside the industry, that contribute to enhance the credibility and visibility of PR and communication professionals in Singapore."

Haikel Fahim - IPRS Council Member; Head of South East Asia, Telum Media

“It is an honour be elected to the new IPRS council. I feel that it is time I contribute to the industry that I am so passionate about. I am keen to see the PR profession continuously evolving and keeping to good standard of practice. I am also looking forward to working, mentoring and engaging with buddying PR professionals. I remember when I first started out in the industry, I had been ill-prepared for the real scope of the PR practice, and I hope to help youths in PR be better equipped for the PR world.”

IPRS Secretariat