International Leadership Conference 2022 - Association PR Leaders Panel Discussion

The PR leadership is a leadership that inspires understanding across geographical boundaries, history and language.

It was an honour to speak on behalf of the Institute of Public Relations Singapore at the APRN International Leadership Conference 2022 and be among PR leaders who are great stewards of their associations. We were invited to share learnings from leading our respective associations, our strategies ahead, and the wish list for regional collaborations.

The experience of the last 14 months at IPRS was a lesson in the 4As: Authenticity, Agility, Awesomeness and Authority.

Authenticity: The importance of upholding a set of values and transparency that stand up to scrutiny. The IPRS is 52 this year.

Agility: To be anchored in our core beliefs and yet able to adapt to changing needs and challenges.

Awesomeness: Inherent in the PR trade is our ability to capture an audience with creativity and tomorrow’s technology.

Authority: A firm belief that PR counsel carry weight and contribute to what matters most – reputation, growth and advocacy.

What is key in regional collaboration in ASEAN and ASIA Pacific for PR Associations?

Stay Connected: It is vital to be connected and facilitate a consistent flow of information and knowledge throughout the region.

Stay as a Community: We need to see ourselves as one big family, a community of practitioners with much in common in what we do.

Uphold our Capability: To be skilled in cross-cultural communication in the diversity of our language, unique stories, and history.

Finally, yes PR people get stories out, promote people, products, and services yet at the end of the day, I feel the real impact of what we do is more than that. We drive outcomes that somehow transcends.

For me the PR leadership is a leadership that inspire understanding across geographical boundaries, history and language.

My thanks to the APRN for the invitation and congratulations on the launch of the International Leadership Association Asia Pacific.

Koh Juat Muay, President, Council 2021/23