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IPRS And Sandpiper Releases AI Guidance For

The Public Relations And Communications Industry

21st November 2023, Singapore – As the generative AI wave sweeps through the communications industry, a recent survey has revealed that 81% of Singaporean communications professionals are calling for clear directives and leadership from industry bodies such as the Institute of Public Relations Singapore (IPRS) to guide them in integrating generative AI into their work.

The new survey from IPRS And Sandpiper, offers insights into how communications professionals in Singapore are navigating AI in the workplace. It showcases the rapid adoption rate of generative AI, with a remarkable 61% of industry leaders having already incorporated this technology into their daily operations. This is in stark contrast to Sandpiper's 'AI in Comms' study conducted in February of this year, in which just 41% of respondents from Southeast Asia (not limited to Singapore alone) stated that they were using generative AI in their professional roles.

The IPRS And Sandpiper’s survey further underscores the sector's eagerness to harness generative AI, with an overwhelming majority (82%) of respondents stating that their employers are at least somewhat supportive of AI usage. However, while appreciation is evident, only 18% of respondents felt fully clear about the acceptable use of AI in their roles.

Furthermore, the absence of comprehensive policies emerges as a concern for the industry. Despite recognizing the productivity benefits, only 28% of organisations have established policies governing AI usage, and 34% admit to having no such policies in place. Another third (33%) say that they are in the process of developing one.

In response to the growing calls for leadership around generative AI, IPRS and Sandpiper are releasing a dedicated guidance on AI usage, aligned with best practices and tailored for communications practitioners, marking a pioneering effort in the industry.

The AI Guidance For Public Relations And Communications Professionals, a 'living' document, will evolve responsively to market movements and technological advancements, serving as an advisory starting point for the industry. Rather than outlining rigid parameters of

AI usage in communications, the guidance from IPRS and Sandpiper aims to guide, inform, and inspire practitioners and clients on responsible AI, whilst upholding safety and ethical considerations.

The document outlines five key principles - fairness, privacy, accountability and human interaction, transparency, and capability building. These principles are derived from Sandpiper's research, the survey and industry contribution, which highlighted the need for guidance in internal governance, client expectation management, stakeholder transparency, and the promotion of effective human-AI collaboration.

Koh Juat Muay, President, IRPS, said: "The IPRS is focused on supporting the professional development of our practitioners and empowering the industry to embrace on the future. We are proud to be taking the lead to provide our people with the essential tools and resources required to navigate the AI boom. AI serves as a catalyst for growth and innovation within our field, delivering substantial value to practitioners in Singapore and across the Asia-Pacific region."

Rob van Alphen, Head of Strategy & Innovation, Sandpiper, said: “The rapid adoption of especially generative AI in our sector underscores its immense potential to augment our work. Recent breakthroughs have shifted the question from 'What if?' to 'What now?' The AI Guidance aims to ensure that as we embrace AI's capabilities in our day-to-day, we do so responsibly and ethically, maximizing the benefits while minimizing the risks. It lays a foundational blueprint for agencies, corporates, and government bodies to adopt for their own organization, and aims to set the standard for our industry.”

Earlier this year, Sandpiper unveiled their landmark “AI in Communications – Industry Opportunities and Risks” study, which surveyed communications professionals around the globe. The consultancy also launched dedicated AI services, offering advisory services and training to help industries make the most of AI.

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