IPRS PRISM Summit 2022

The Future of Public Relations

The IPRS will be holding our Inaugural IPRS PRISM Summit 2022 on 10 November 2022. This full-day event will feature domain experts, practitioners and leaders of organisations who will take on pressing communications issues, professional and business challenges of the day.

PRISM Summit 2022 will provide actionable insights and solutions to help PR and communications practitioners find ways to understand, measure, analyse and develop initiatives and programmes that create value for their organisations and positively benefit economies, society, and the PR profession.

Themed The Future of Public Relations, the IPRS PRISM Summit 2022 is an interactive and thought-provoking event to delve into the evolving role of PR and its contributions to countries and organisations and why PR matters now, even more than ever.

PR industry leaders and domain experts will speak on the opportunities and challenges presented by emerging technology and sustainability regulations, and how PR is helping organisations with its growth and reputation management amidst an increasingly volatile global market.

Participants will gain personal insights and skills in this full day programme of panel discussions, fireside chats, hands-on workshop, wellness experience and networking in a diverse community of speakers and professionals.

These are exciting and critical times ahead for the PR professional, from a rise in emerging technology to the increasing role of ESG in shaping business strategies. Amidst this volatility and change, learn how you and your business can remain relevant and competitive.

Join us in-person as we take on the road ahead in PR and communications on 10 November 2022. This full day event packed with keynote addresses, thought-provoking panel discussions, fireside chats and a workshop that will set you thinking about your role in this evolving space.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to learn from the experts and network with your peers and arm yourself with fresh insights and new ideas.

The Future of PR. Are you ready for it?

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