IPRS Accredited Member’s Dinner Dialogue 2023

Speakers Irene Tham, Tech Editor at The Straits Times; Kalyan Madala, CTO at IBM Technology, ASEANZK sat down with Jacob Puthenparambil, Founder and CEO, Redhill for a chat-fuelled evening at the IPRS Accredited Member's Dinner Dialogue on 16th March 2023 at the Redhill Global Headquarters.

A few key takeaways from the panel:

// We have a public responsibility to ensure what we communicate to readers isn’t purely through machines. 

// ChatGPT is only as knowledgeable as the information it has been trained on and it depends on the user's information preference. It may not have access to the most up-to-date information or be able to provide a comprehensive understanding of a topic.

// Lack of human interaction, ethics, governance of risk controls, phishing emails, and hacking programs are among the concerns as ChatGPT grows.

// News generation requires human-centric tasks including taking interviews, and extracting information from a human being and that part is difficult to attain from a machine.

// Training will assist in educating people about the benefits of an AI platform, and how to use it effectively in the workplace.  

ChatGPT tech is evolving even as we speak. The fundamentals remain - research, get ideas, get drafts but at the end of the day, check everything for accuracy and authenticity.

IPRS Secretariat