University of Newcastle Singapore (UONS)

University of Newcastle Singapore (UONS)-IPRS Student Chapter

UON’s Bachelor of Communication degree develops cutting-edge skills to produce ground-breaking, thought-provoking and engaging work in diverse media industries.
Students learn to push their individual creative boundaries, as well as embrace the fluid transformations across today’s complex communication landscape.
Communication studies at UON prepare students for a range careers that contribute to cultural enrichment and commercial success.

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Rama Venkatasawmy
Senior Lecturer, Communication & Media
University of Newcastle, Singapore

Student Committee

Isabella Tian Ye

Shruti Ravindran
Vice President

Angela Marcelline Wijaya

Vinny Dwiputri

Guo Qiantong
Event Organizer

Quek Yi Xuan, Nicole
Administration Manager

Ho Zi Xin Deborah
Marketing Officer

Xu Chenhao
Logistics Manager

Tang Haocheng
Recruitment Manager

Shui Ziqi
Welfare Manager

Han Lurong
Welfare Manager