RP-IPRS Student Chapter Holds Dialogue Session on “Influencer Marketing”

RP-IPRS Student Chapter Holds Dialogue Session on “Influencer Marketing”

The RP-IPRS Student Chapter kick-started the year with their first event, Influencer Marketing and Public Relations, on January 22. The dialogue session featured guest speakers, Marcus Loh, Director of Asia Pacific Communications, Tableau Software, and Ivy Tse, Chief Executive Officer, Halogen Foundation.

Speakers started the session which was attended by close to 100 students, with their take on “Influencer Marketing”. Ivy, whose organisation’s mission is to inspire and influence young people to develop themselves and lead others, said, “It symbolises communication and giving a voice to a message that your people want to know.

Marcus sees influencer marketing as one of the best ways for brands to reach consumers, especially if they are micro-influencers.

He went on to speak about micro-influencers, who are everyday people with strong followers and supporters on their social media platforms.

“There are celebrities with one million followers, but the engagement is 1 percent. But there are micro influencers who only has 5,000 followers, but their engagement is 5 to 7 percent,” Marcus commented.

Ivy shared a story about a youth who posts inspirational quotes on social media and how a quote on not giving up saved the life of someone who was going to end her life.

She cited this story as an example of how youths can become influencers of good in the world of social media.

The story resonated with Nurul Huda Binte Ismail, 19, an attendee of the talk. She felt that such influencers are important in this modern world as they “raise awareness on good topics that are trending”. She could see herself as an influencer with the positive messages she posts on her social media accounts.

As a final advice to aspiring influencers like Huda, Marcus reminded students “to use influencer as a force for good.”

“If you are passionate about what you do and the values are in the right place, you can be an influencer. But remember to stay grounded,” Ivy added.

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(From left) Cynthia D/O Siva Guru, RP-IPRS Student Chapter Member, moderated the dialogue session. Marcus Loh and Ivy Tse, sharing their thoughts on influencer marketing.

(From left) Cynthia D/O Siva Guru, Marcus Loh and Ivy Tse, discussing on the various types of influencers.

RP-IPRS Student Chapter Team, Guest Speakers, guests and students who attended the event.

This article was contributed by Solinap Noelle Merika R, Diploma in Mass Communication, Republic Polytechnic and sub-committee member, RP-IPRS Student Chapter.