PSBA’s CollabX Asia Conference – “The Future of Digital PR”

PSBA’s CollabX Asia Conference – “The Future of Digital PR”

When I studied Public Relations (PR) at the University of Newcastle, Singapore (UONS), I never thought that PR would be digitized and be subjected to the changing trends and demands of the digital landscape and become so important for organizations today.

This was what the CEO of PINPOINT PR, Illka A Gobius, who is an Accredited IPRS Member, covered during a panel discussion, “The Future of Digital PR”, on 26 September. The event was part of the PSB Academy (PSBA)’s week-long flagship event, CollabX Asia, that was held at PSBA’s City Campus from 24 to 28 September.

With Illka on the panel were Dinesh Dayani, Co-founder, DollarAndSense, Leon Chan, Account Manager, TripAdvisor, and Tuck Weng Lai, Founder, Edge Digital.

I picked up several words of wisdom and insightful industry advice that were shared by the speakers during the event.

According to Tuck, Digital PR has definitely changed how PR works. “Not only is there a need to ride on the wave of digital trends. We will need the relevant tools to make marketing analysis simple. Hence, there is a need to raise awareness on collecting relevant data by using appropriate tools and skills for a more accurate projection and execution,” said Tuck.

Not only did the speakers share advice on PR, they also did on life in general. A noteworthy quote was by Leon Chan who said, “I know of a CEO who goes back to school every three to four years to keep in touch with current trends.” This quote stuck with me as it showed that learning never stops, and that only by adapting constantly can one succeed in life.

Therefore, if I could sum up the discussion in one word, it would be “adaptability”.

One of the participants, Amelia Wee, a Regional Marketing Analyst at Carrier Singapore, said, “The CollabX event was a great avenue for me to hear from industry experts on digital transformation in various sectors. All speakers offered valuable insights and lots of food for thought in terms of how technology is disrupting traditional industries from PR to hospitality to finance. I particularly enjoyed Illka’s sharing on leveraging data analytics technology to achieve traditional PR objectives. I look forward to participating in similar events in future!”

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Illka Gobius sharing insights into the digital transformation that’s affecting the PR industry.

This article was contributed by Elvin Tan, an undergraduate in Bachelor of Communication (Major in Public Relations and Journalism), at the University of Newcastle, Singapore (UONS).