PRISM Summit 2022

The Future of Public Relations

The IPRS will be holding our PRISM Summit 2022 on 10 November 2022. This full-day event will feature domain experts, practitioners and leaders of organisations who will take on pressing communications issues, professional and business challenges of the day.

PRISM Summit 2022 will provide actionable insights and solutions to help PR and communications practitioners find ways to understand, measure, analyse and develop initiatives and programmes that create value for their organisations and positively benefit economies, society, and the PR profession.

Get answers to questions and dilemmas such as:

  • What role does Communications play in ESG strategies?
  • How do you draw a roadmap to shape an ESG communications strategy?
  • How to make your sustainability story stand out?
  • How to effectively work, and in an integrated manner, with internal teams?
  • How to leverage digital and social media?
  • How has crisis communications evolved in the digital era?
  • What are effective approaches for employee communications?
  • Does emerging technology mean a new career path for PR?
  • What’s needed, or what’s available to help PR practitioners get the job done?
  • How do we attract good talent into the PR profession?
  • What’s does the future hold for the PR profession? Technology, trends, threats, opportunities.

Get the inspiration and answers you need.

More details will be realised in due course. Please approach the IPRS Secretariat via if you wish to explore sponsorship or collaboration opportunities.