Mission and Vision

Advancing Excellence in PR.
  • To represent PR and Communication professionals and the
    profession in Singapore.
  • To recognize and promote the best in PR in Singapore and the
  • To be the accrediting body for PR professionals in Singapore.

To be the leading PR and Communication organisation in the region.

Public Relations in Singapore

Public Relations (PR) in Singapore can trace its roots to the British Colonial era where it was used primarily to promote British political and business interests. During the Second World War and during the Malayan Emergency, PR was a propaganda tool for the British military. In 1965, when Singapore became a Republic, PR was harnessed for nation-building and to promote Singapore as an independent and sovereign state to the world. The Singapore economic miracle of the 1970s and 1980s, saw the emergence of modern PR in Singapore as multi-national corporations (MNCs), including international PR consultancies, flocked to our shores and Singapore brands were marketed aggressively.

Often, PR was part of advertising or even human resources (HR). Some of the leading proponents of PR were the American and British banks, hotels and petroleum companies. In 1970, the Institute of Public Relations of Singapore was born. The rise of globalization and the technology era gave rise to PR becoming more commonly known as Communication. This ushered in a new dawn in the evolution of Singapore’s PR.

The Institute has grown to a current membership base of more than 300 active members
who are professionals from diverse business backgrounds,
thus contributing to its strength and dynamism.