Murdoch University Singapore

Murdoch University Singapore-IPRS Student Chapter

At Murdoch University, we have more than 18,000 students enrolled in over 200 undergraduate degrees and postgraduate courses, and 1,400 staff. It has an excellent national and international reputation for excellence in teaching, research and student satisfaction.

Students are enrolled in over 200 undergraduate degrees and postgraduate courses across a range of disciplines, including Law, Psychology, Business, Public Relations, Journalism and Communication and Media.

Its School of Arts’ Communication and Society Cluster houses some of the most well-regarded public relations and media and communication programs within Australia and across Asia. Courses are taught in Australia internally and externally, and in different transnational centres including Dubai, Malaysia and Singapore.

Faculty Advisor

Dr Tania Lim
Lecturer (Communications)


Anjna Nihalani
Associate Lecturer

Shalini Matani
Associate Lecturer

Student Committee

Marcus Ong Zheng Jie

Siti Munirah
Vice President

Luccine Khong

Nurul Syahira

Khong Charmaine
Social Media Manager

Karin Lai
Recruitment Manager

Felice Chan
Committee Rep

Ethan Wong
Committee Advisor