Murdoch Singapore-IPRS Student Chapter Holds its First Seminar

Murdoch Singapore-IPRS Student Chapter Holds its First Seminar

On 26 September 2018, Murdoch University’s Institute of Public Relations Singapore Student Chapter held its inaugural seminar at Kaplan Higher Education Academy’s Wilkie Edge campus. Titled “What Now?”, the seminar focused on practical ways for students to secure a career in communications.

The Student Chapter Committee engaged industry speakers to share their insight as leaders in the communications industry. Among them were Mala Rajpal, Vice President, Conjunct Consulting, Chris Soh, Editor, The Smart Local, and Novita Jong, General Manager, Shuttlerock.

Organized by the chapter committee, and supervisor, Dr. Tania Lim, the event kicked off with opening remarks from the Singapore Dean of Murdoch University, Associate Professor Peter Waring, and President of the Student Chapter, Muhammad Amirul.

Amirul explained that the Student Chapter’s intention behind the event was simple.

“As students, we are all worried about what comes after undergraduate studies. We are hoping that this seminar provides fellow students with some guidance to figure out the ‘what now’ that comes after getting a degree.”

During the two-hour seminar, the speakers provided tips and advice on how students can make the most out of their time in school. These include learning how to enhance their portfolios and writing an outstanding resume.

Some key takeaways from the event include pithy acronyms coined by Rajpal; one of which was a formula on how to find your niche – STUV – which stands for Self-Aware, Train, Understand, Very Open.

Jong focused on the more technical aspect of communications, explaining how the shift from traditional media to new media means that companies are looking to hire more inventive ideators.

Touching on how communications is a constantly evolving practice, Soh reiterated the importance of exposing oneself to new ideas and being proactive in creating new ones.

The evening was capped off with a Q&A session where students had a chance to engage all three speakers with questions about workplace experiences and internship opportunities.

According to Vice-President of the Student Chapter, Ethan Wong, students can expect more events to be held by the Student Chapter Committee in the coming months.

“This seminar is just the beginning. We will be organizing even more student-centric events that provide fellow students with meaningful career takeaways.”, said Ethan.

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Speakers, Murdoch SG-IPRS Student Chapter Committee and Faculty Advisors at the seminar.

From left to right: Shania Astika, Mala Rajpal, Dr. Lim, Novita Jong, Chris Soh, Amirul & Ethan.

Participants at the Murdoch SG-IPRS Student Chapter inaugural seminar.

From left to right: Amirul, Chris Soh, Mala Rajpal, Novita Jong.

Photos courtesy of Dennis Lum, Murdoch SG-IPRS Student Chapter.

This article was contributed by Sabine Chen, Journalism Major, Murdoch University and Committee Representative, Murdoch SG-IPRS Student Chapter.