When I walked into Harman International, Singapore, I was convinced we were about to take off. With technology spurted everywhere, the place felt like something off a science fiction novel. But Alas! The illusion was broken. If the experience centre at HARMAN was analogous to the Millennial Falcon, its Han Solo was Amanda Heng, Marketing Lead, APAC. She was our host for the afternoon.

We were first introduced to the company and I was pleasantly informed that the JBL headphones I had on made me appropriately dressed for the Visit. After introductions, we were taken through the marketing and communication functions Amanda performed and in the process, participants were acquainted with corporate communications at a B2B level.

From team structure to marketing applications and collaterals, it was a complete turnaround from the B2C nature of marketing and communications most were familiar with.

Staying true to the purpose of the experience centre, much of our visit involved engagement with the technology around us and exposure to the wide range of products and solutions HARMAN offered its clients. The process perhaps did not add any direct value to me as a student, apart from the fun and frolic, but it did make me realise the power of experience-based marketing. No message or video could possibly capture the thrill of experiencing a product or service and that’s exactly the purpose the experience centre fulfilled.

We also indulged in team-based games and finally much to my pleasure, I could exchange my 30 dollar headphones for a line of highly sophisticated sound systems that ranged from a few hundred dollars to few thousand dollars. The exchange lasted for a few minutes but it was glorious none the less. The consumer in me was alive and salivating.

This was one of the most engaging company visits I had been a part of. My biggest take-away from the visit was the importance of experience-based marketing and communications especially in a world clogged with brands and their respective marketing propaganda. Lastly, if by any chance you’re a Star Wars fanboy, “Chewie, we are home!”.

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The article was contributed by Anirudh Dalmia, Undergraduate, Singapore Management University (SMU).