IPRS Student Chapter Visits Ruder Finn Asia

IPRS Student Chapter Visits Ruder Finn Asia

What makes a good communicator great? For whom are the doors of Public Relations open? Is there more to PR than just Media Monitoring and parties with free-flowing Champagne?

The Ruder Finn company visit was described to us as a tryst with an integrative communication agency. But, what transpired was more than just an information sharing session. Our host for the day happened to be Manali Pattnaik, Associate Director, Ruder Finn Asia. She not only took us through the happenings of a Public Relations (PR) agency but gave us insights on what it took to be a successful incumbent in the world of PR. Success required incumbents to perform several roles such as that of Insight Miners, Social Connectors, Boundary Pushers and Ambitious Readers.

The session soon became an interactive platform for aspiring communicators to prod the host on her experiences and learnings. This helped us learn about the primary difference between In-House and Agency, PR. While the former involves more of an editorial role the latter is that of a creative. Furthermore, lessons on the application of academic concepts such as PESO (Paid, Earned, Social and Owned Media) in a campaign setting, added value to what he had learnt in the classroom.

Our host was more of a story teller than a moderator and hence divulged in a tale or two about her life and experience with PR. This helped us clear any misconceptions we had about the job and truly evaluate if it was a good fit as a potential career. To help us with our self-reflection our host called upon an intern who was currently working within the organization to share her experiences.

We were also fortunate to be shown around the agency and interact with the people of PR, in their workspace. Finally, we were told what we millennials could bring to the table should we knock on the doors to the world of communication. The phenomenon of the ‘Global Village’ is very much a creation of evolving connectivity and its center stage is Social Media. As members of the social media generation we very much have the ability of spearheading a digital transformation in the world of PR. The evening capped off with interpersonal conversations and snacks, but apart from fuller bellies we were leaving with valuable insights on a world we could potentially inhabit.

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The article was contributed by Anirudh Dalmia, Undergraduate, Singapore Management University (SMU).