Featuring our new Full Member: Gwee Siew Theng

  1. Can you tell me a little of your background?

    I’m working as a Marketing Communications Manager, currently leading the APAC Marketing Communications team at Bruker Singapore Pte. Ltd, one of the 3 overseas headquarters for Bruker worldwide. My responsibilities include Strategic Marketing, Brand Management, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Events Management and Strategic Partners Management to support the company’s objectives.
  1. How did you come to know about IPRS?

    I first heard of IPRS when I started working at Hitachi Asia LTD doing Regional Corporate Communications.
  1. Why did you join IPRS?

    IPRS is the leading PR and Communications association in Singapore. The association organizes many activities relevant to PR and Communications practitioners to help members keep abreast of the best practices in the industry – from talks in Mergers & Acquisitions in PR, to courses and networking events that cater to different members’ needs. IPRS also co-organizes the annual IPRS-SPC National Day Party. It is “the” networking event to go to, as well as a chance to meet difficult-to access journalists.     
  1. Have you attended any IPRS events?

    I’ve attended some of the modules in the “Professional certification in Public Relations and Mass Communications” course to keep myself updated on the latest trends and best practices.  
  1. How do you think you can contribute to IPRS?

    I have over 15 years of regional marketing experience across various listed multinational companies in Asia Pacific. My diverse portfolios enabled me to build a strong breadth and depth in Integrated Marketing Communications. I believe I can contribute in activities including being a trainer for IPRS courses and event management.