Featuring our new Associate Member: Siti Amnah Senen

  1. Can you tell me a little of your background?

    I was a graduate from Murdoch University and took Public Relations as my second major. Initially a Hospitality and Tourism Management student, giving PR a shot in University was indeed a move that I’ve not regretted until today.

I started my PR journey upon graduation at a local boutique PR agency, Petrie PR, which focuses on luxury lifestyle. As Petrie PR services clients from the hospitality, spa and travel industry, it was indeed an ideal job for me due to my interest in both the hospitality industry as well as PR. I was in Petrie PR for close to two years having worked with renowned international clients as well as top tier local and regional lifestyle and travel publications.

As I believe in the need to seek knowledge and not settle for something that I was comfortable with, I embarked to the other side of PR and joined Fifth Ring, a B2B Integrated Communications agency earlier this year. As an Account Executive in Fifth Ring, I’ve gained valuable experience beyond the daily media relations and monthly reports. Working in B2B agency has definitely widened my capabilities and imparted new knowledge and skills to me beyond just PR.

  1. How did you come to know about IPRS?

    I was introduced to IPRS in Fifth Ring when my Account Director included, joined the Institute as part of my induction programme early this year.
  1. Why did you join IPRS?

    I joined IPRS to be part of the community of PR professionals. The events and training programmes were also relevant and current which was interesting.
  1. Have you attended any IPRS events?

    Yes, I’ve attended the Tableau visit in August as well as one of the IPRS Workshops on Brand & Corporate Storytelling in a Connected and Distracted World, both in August after I joined as a member in the same month.  
  1. How do you think you can contribute to IPRS?

    I had a chat with Robert in August and believe that it would be a good opportunity to be able to represent IPRS and share experiences in the PR industry to graduates or students who are keen to be part of the PR industry – especially for someone who is fairly new in the industry. I would love to assist IPRS with external events should there be opportunities in the future.