Featuring our new Associate Member: Joane Ling Hui En

  1. Can you tell me a little of your background?

    I took a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, majoring in Journalism and Public Relations. At first, I joined the Comms programme as I was very interested in Journalism, however, as I delved more into the various aspects of Communications, my interest leaned towards Public Relations. I started off my career in a PR agency, specializing in Travel, Lifestyle and Healthcare PR, and later moved to an inhouse role in Healthcare.
  1. What do you do on a daily basis?

    Currently I am in the Medical Affairs team in a Medical Device company. Our day-to-day includes organizing Professional Education activities for Healthcare professionals (local and regional), and outreach programmes to the public and GPs. We are also in change of business development through partnerships and marketing initiatives.
  1. How did you come to know about IPRS?

    I first got to know about IPRS during my University days when I was doing my internship.
  1. Why did you join IPRS?

    I have only joined IPRS last year when I was prompted again to do so by a client. This has been on my “to-do” list for many years, but somehow remained on that list for the same many years! I’m glad it finally got “struck off” and completed.
  1. Have you attended any IPRS events?

    Yes, I have attended some of IPRS events such as workshops and the press ball.
  1. Anything to add?

    Even though I am not directly in the Communications or PR department, a huge part of my role still requires PR expertise, and even crisis communications as the medical industry can often face controversial issues and problems with non-compliance. Hence, I am glad that I am still part of the PR community and hope I’ll be able to contribute in some ways, big or small.