IPRS Supports e2i's Job Fair

The first exclusive job fair for young Professionals, Managers, Executives (PMEs), “Career Connections 2011”, organised by e2i (Employment and Employability Institute), partnered by Young NTUC, and supported by IPRS was held on 23 February 2011 at Amara Hotel.

Registration table

IPRS supported the Fair by publicising it among our members, by inviting both members and non-members to participate as employers or job-seekers, and by setting up a booth at the Fair.

IPRS saw the Fair as a useful opportunity for employers to conduct one-to-one interviews with potential candidates, all of whom would have gone through a pre-event interview workshop. The participating companies enjoyed benefits such as pre-screened registered candidates, pre-scheduled candidates for on-site interviews, and free advertisement on the e2i website.

The participating job seekers benefitted from the Fair as they were linked up by e2i with their job interviews and had the chance to attend a prior interview workshop. The Fair increased their job search efficiency as they were able to attend multiple interviews in a day.

The Fair was different from other job fairs that had been organised by e2i previously as it was exclusive for young PMEs, and only targeted positions such as Public Relations, Corporate Communications, and Marketing Communications. Invitations were extended to graduates and alumni from all three local universities: National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Singapore Management University (SMU).

Interviewees waiting for their turn in the interview room

Interview session

We spoke to Gilbert Tan, Deputy CEO, e2i, and here’s what he had to say about e2i’s involvement in organising the Job Fair:
“This is the first job fair to be organised at such a large scale for young PMEs. Every job fair has a different style for a different industry. One of the main challenges of organising such a fair is to ensure that they are relevant to both job-seekers and employers. For the Fair, we screened all 160 resumes. All interviewees were prepared for the interview prior to the Fair. This is a value-add for both the job-seekers and the employers.”

“We have several plans in the pipeline to help job seekers more. Firstly, we want to help people find good jobs. We will not only screen the job-seekers but also the employers. Plus we will experiment and try out new ways of organising future job fairs. Next, we want to deepen and heighten the skills of job-seekers so that they will be made competitive in the job market. Finally, we want to increase the productivity of the companies and get them to be more productive and dynamic in the job market,” added Gilbert.

Here’s what some of the job-seekers had to say about the Fair:
Ms Jamie Lee Pei Ru, fresh graduate, Bachelor of Social Sciences, NUS, attended three interviews at the job fair. “The Fair is beneficial for me because I was able to attend several interviews in a day. This made it very efficient. e2i provided a pretty wide variety of jobs. I definitely gained from this Fair,” said Jamie.

Ms Jamie Lee Pei Ru

“This Fair has enabled me to attend three interviews at one shot. The settings of the Fair were professional. However, e2i could consider sourcing for a wider variety of jobs from the private sector,” said Ms Xie Reumin, fresh graduate, Bachelor of Business Administration, NUS.

Ms Xie Reumin

Mr Wong Juan Koon, fresh graduate, Graduate Diploma in System Analysis, Institute of System Science, NUS, who began his job search about a month ago said, “This Fair is definitely of advantage to me as I was allocated two job interviews. It is better to register through e2i as they are more efficient in linking up job-seekers with employers. A job-seeker’s chance of securing an interview is higher as compared to applying directly to a company,” said Juan Koon.

Mr Wong Juan Koon

Written by: Lee I Gwen